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  • NEW Ultrasonic Bird Repeller 831-B011-1 shest cats, dogs, fre


    The Creeper is suitable for placing in the garden, terraces, balcony and other smaller areas up to 70m2, just everywhere where the birds create a mess.
    The equipment is intended exclusively for the repellent of cats, dogs, ferrets, wild boar, rabbits + pigeon. The repeater has a motion-PIR sensor and works completely automatically. Can be set to shred frequency and detection distance-sensitivity devices to annoying birds. The repeater works on frequencies from 15 kHz to 25 kHz. The device repels acoustic pulses that are very weakly audible for people, but very uncomfortable with your unwanted visits.

  • Ozone - Ozone generator 10G space cleaning from rodents 12V

    €93.00 €96.00

    Ozone - 10G ozone generator for cleaning the area from rodents and spells, including their scaremonks. 12v
    Suitable for complete cleaning of rooms and from coronavirus. Active killer bacteria. 
    Double ceramic plate Integrated sterilizer Air ozonizer cleaner.
    Professional ozone generator module for faster removal of pathogens and odors using "active oxygen" (O3), which creates ozone in two power levels (3,5 and 7g/hour). The ozone generator is designed for the treatment of larger areas. The ozone generator passes oxygen (O2), which, using the "silent" corona of discharges, is partly switched to unstable ozone (O3). Ozone eliminates all pathogens, odors and insects (mites, moles, etc.) that are present in the room.

  • Light-ultrasonic Repeller-790-univerzal + remote control


    The light-sonic Repeller-790-universe novelty this year and the fear for animals. Use a motion-sensitive sensor that detects something that runs around the garden and the land around the house or cottage.
    The kunu frequency is selected in the range of 16-19KHz (exactly17,5KHz). It's a frequency that's at a range where you stop hearing it tuning the range approx. center between 5-6.
    If we set the device to me, we will mark the device as set to scare the

  • Power ultrasonic rodent scare cheewn CZ-765 retuned


    General scare of all small pests, including spells, weasels, dogs.
    A versatile scaremonour of small pests near your house or in the garden.
    It drive away mice, flats, rats, squirrels, kuna, weasels, tchora and other pests.
    It emits refined, irregularly long, ultrasonic waves with irregularly long breaks.

  • Toy repellent, car scare, ultrasonic and high


    This highly professional repellent device - car toy repellent, car toy repellent provides double protection for your cars. When connected to 12V onboard voltage after the engine is switched off, your car is protected immediately by double protection from kuna.
    Ultrasonic frequency 22 kHz with 100 dB power and 300V voltage platelets.
    Kuna practically has no chance of harming you in the vehicle'. If kunu doesn't get an ultrasound, he'll definitely get a shot in the form of a pulsed 300Va that's definitely going to run away.