Youth scarers up to 25 years.

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  • Mosquito MK4 with Multi-Age Anti-Loitering Security Device


    If groups of teenagers are regularly hanging around your property, causing damage, deterring customers, then the Mosquito MK4 is the most effective way to stop this problem without confrontations! The effect of the device is gaining effect within 10-15 min. The mosquito is not a weapon, it is not violent and does not cause any injuries.

    Mosquito MK4 is used by police and local authorities, chainstores, independent shops and private individuals to protect property from the effects of asocial behaviour by teenagers, reduces vandalism, theft and property damage, and improves the lives and environment of citizens.

    Mosquito MK4 operates at a low voltage and can therefore be installed by a competent person as little as 1 hour.