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Cat Repeller

Cat Repeller

Cat with a strong flexible body, quick reflexes, sharp teeth and retractable claws adapted to killing small prey. But unwelcome cats will destroy our garden.

Cat repeller is a kind of product which used in the house or garden and repel the unwelcome animals away from the protected area. Today we create the cat repeller to help you, using ultrasonic, flashing with PIR sensor to protect your area away from the unwelcome animals. PIR sensor will detect the heat of the cats when they come over the detecting area. When detected, the device will be active and emit strong ultrasonic wave and flashing together to scare them away from the area. Just like shorting at them but human beings can not hear the noisy. After several days they will move away from your house, leave a comfortable environment for your family.

  • 4 X PIR Repeller 830-B010, dog, cat, mouse, pigeon. US Patent 20


    This equipment is suitable for plaging dogs, cats, piers and mice. The PIR sensor activates the ultrasonic waves, the powerful lightning, or loud sound waves (for all modes) that have beggines.
    Switching between modes (ultrasound, lightning, loud sound waves, you are actively permanently) is possible thanks to simple control with a single button. The power supply is used by a network adapter or a 9-volt battery that lasts for 3 to 4 days during standard continuous operation.
    It is therefore advisable to use a network adapter.

  • Infrared Bird Repeller Sound B011-840 for plaging


    Active Passive infrared Bird Repeller sound B011-840 for plaging birds, cats, dogs
    The device can automatically play the sounds of poultry and animals to drive birds and animals (birds, cats, dogs, etc.) through the function of audible sounds depending on the different environmental needs.
    The device repels audible audible sounds that are audible to people, but also very uncomfortable with your unwanted visits.

  • Multifunctional pest control MIX, solar power 589-NiCd, new


    Serene Life Solar Power Animal Repeller provides a comfortable pest control. The system uses motion detection technology that triggers ultrasonic sound and light lightning that effectively repels unwanted animals. The built-in loudspeaker exudes a safe, frequency warning that will surprise the animals and prevent them from returning to the scene. It works on a daily or night time due to an infrared detection sensor. The built-in solar panel allows intelligent self-discharge in direct sunlight. Ideal for use in gardens, yards and flowering areas.

  • New Design Solar Animal Repeller 318-D480 mix ultrasound


    New Design Solar Animal Repeller 318-D480 Mix Ultrasound
    Solar Animal Repeller/ Solar Ultrasonic Repellent rodent and animal scarecan can deter cats, dogs, mice, rodents including birds.
    This repellent is designed to help you get rid of animals such as dog, cat, bird, beast, etc., the device combines a powerful passive infrared (PIR) motion detection system and triggers short discharges of powerful sonic sound waves and strong flash. This animal repellent is a safe and effective way to keep an unwanted animal with your interest space.

  • NEW Ultrasonic Bird Repeller 831-B011-1 shest cats, dogs, fre


    The Creeper is suitable for placing in the garden, terraces, balcony and other smaller areas up to 70m2, just everywhere where the birds create a mess.
    The equipment is intended exclusively for the repellent of cats, dogs, ferrets, wild boar, rabbits + pigeon. The repeater has a motion-PIR sensor and works completely automatically. Can be set to shred frequency and detection distance-sensitivity devices to annoying birds. The repeater works on frequencies from 15 kHz to 25 kHz. The device repels acoustic pulses that are very weakly audible for people, but very uncomfortable with your unwanted visits.

  • Light-ultrasonic Repeller-790-univerzal + remote control


    The light-sonic Repeller-790-universe novelty this year and the fear for animals. Use a motion-sensitive sensor that detects something that runs around the garden and the land around the house or cottage.
    The kunu frequency is selected in the range of 16-19KHz (exactly17,5KHz). It's a frequency that's at a range where you stop hearing it tuning the range approx. center between 5-6.
    If we set the device to me, we will mark the device as set to scare the

  • Water animal scarecrow-482 B060 VIP ver. animal scarecrow


    Protect your pond, pool or yard from birds, cats, dogs and other animals. The movement of the animal triggers a stream of water. The noise and flow of water deters the animal to a safe distance. This is a VIP branded version of the water scare, including solar power. 
    The scarecrow uses a combination of sudden noise, unexpected movement, and a surprising burst of water to create an unforgettable and unpleasant experience for the intruder. The animal immediately disappears from your property.  This unpleasant location experience, however, will be well remembered so it avoids a similar surprise. Animals will learn, over time, that they don't have to go there. If the animal decides to return, the scarecrow will wait for him.

  • Water Creepet ScareCrow-808 P015 crying Animal mic


    Protect your pond, pool or yard from birds, cats, dogs and other animals. The movement of the animal starts the water stream. The noise and the water stream of the animal are removed into a safe distance.
    The ideal solution for Creeper: Cats, Volaviek, dogs, piers...
    The device must be permanently connected to a 1/2 "hose that is under constant pressure.
    The water-catcher for the game does not contain a stand to be engaged in the ground, it must be plugged directly into the outlet of the hose from the ground. Or you must purchase the normal trade reduction of "T" 1/2. And the water supply 1/2 "connect from the side.

  • Ozone generator 10G for cleansing from rodents and bathing, 230V

    €107.80 €118.80

    Ozone-Generator of ozone 10G-047 for cleaning the space from the bacterium of korona, mold, odor and of course rodents and bathing, including their desolation.
    Double Ceramic board integrated sterilizer Air Ozoniizer cleaner. Suitable for complete disinfection of the environment.
    Professional ozone Generator module for faster removal of pathogens and odours using "active oxygen" (O3), which produces ozone up to 10g/hour).