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  • Frequency ultrasonic mouse repellent, Mouse Repeller - A339-8


    838 Frequency conversion ultrasonic mouse repeller

    Frequency Conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller 

  • Pest Reject against flies, mosquitoes, sodas, ants, rodents

    €31.00 €35.00

    Petaving domestic orcs + seams, ants, spiders, mice, rats, crickets, fishmongers, smirks, fleas, ticks, bats.
    CAUTION Suitable for complete unsurvivable cleaning of rooms and from coronavirus. Active killer bacteria.
    The ionizer actively acts on air molecules. 
    This scaremonist is the second generation electro-vibrawave scare that gets even deeper inside the walls. The high pressure sensor emits an ultrasonic signal that is incomparable to other repellers. All new Ultra-Ionic features produce multiple ions for air purification and pest control.

  • REPELLER Transonic PRE791-031 in the audible zone.

    €42.00 €52.00

    REPELLER Transonic PRE791-031 working in the audible band repels mice, spiders, cockroaches and tiny insects.

    This REPELLER Transonic PRE791-031 working in the audible band repels mice, spiders, cockroaches and tiny insects. The manufacturer states that the Shaker is also effective on the ants, but we have not tested the repent in our conditions. It works well in your kitchen, garage, cellar, workshop, shed or even on the soil of your building. REPELLER Transonic PRE791-031 is a cost-effective, easy solution to your pest problem.

  • In 3 Solar snake Repeller Shšič SNAKE-310 for plasting snakes


    The latest product for crying, detrates all proven available light-vibrating plašers listed on the world's scaring markets.

    The Repeller was developed mainly for the smoothing of all the other snakes, releasing the pulsating vibrations that the snakes have posed through its sensors throughout its body. The snake perceives a dangerous zone causing them to be unwell and the snake tries to evacuate from the area of vibration. Most of the snakes will be resolved almost immediately if the device is turned on.
    This is a multiversion V 3 Solar Snake Repeller shone SNAKE-310 for the main placiation of snakes, including moles, bursts and ants triple efficiency in one product. Sound, vibration, inrepeatability and light.

  • REPELLER TRANSONIC PRE792-032 in the readable band


    This powerful Transonic PRE792-032 working in the hearse zone repels mice, bats, spiders, chavers and tiny insects. The manufacturer states that the scareism is also effective for ants, but we do not have the scare tested in our conditions.

    Since the device also works in the readable band Frequency - 3-40 kHz ( you also hear unpleasant sounds if the volume is at medium or maximum amplification ), it is not advisable to place the device in the room where we are staying. We recommend that you connect the appliance via switching clock and switch the appliance on earlier in the morning and to dinner when they are injure scans. If the device is at the lowest volume or you won't see it much, if you don't rest with it.

  • Electronic repellent of moles and insectivorous animals 500m2 ODKH


    It is mainly a mole – an insectivore. A newer finish from a stronger resoneuting sector. It is waterproof and therefore suitable for placement in the garden, parks, golf course and other any private and outdoor areas.
    It emits irregular long audible tones with irregularly long breaks that spread in the soil and thus does not disturb the man's stay in the garden. The device is completely eco-friendly because it does not use any chemicals.
    It uses only the sound frequency, which is unpleasant for moles - insectivores.