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Outdoor Pest Repeller

Outdoor Pest Repeller

  • Electronic repellent of moles and insectivorous animals 500m2 ODKH


    It is mainly a mole – an insectivore. A newer finish from a stronger resoneuting sector. It is waterproof and therefore suitable for placement in the garden, parks, golf course and other any private and outdoor areas.
    It emits irregular long audible tones with irregularly long breaks that spread in the soil and thus does not disturb the man's stay in the garden. The device is completely eco-friendly because it does not use any chemicals.
    It uses only the sound frequency, which is unpleasant for moles - insectivores.

  • Electric rodent trap Electronic Rodenta Zapper 483-C555


    It's not a mouse and rat scare, but a completely humane and environmentally friendly rodent catcher who killed the mouse with electrical impulses without damaging her hair. Mouse – the rodent remains whole, and the catcher is simply still usable without cleaning. By containing no poisons and no hair damage, the trap can also be used in food warehouses where it is not possible to use classic traps and poisons to dispose of them.
    The device works if they are inserted into the device with a 4 x AA 1.5V battery. Or it's connected to an adapter. Before turning on the device, it is necessary to insert the batteries into the device in the correct direction. Flashlights are also capable of operating in cold environments.

  • The visual Weet, the flood of birds, predator 795 Hawkeye


    Visual shaky, deboar of birds, Predator 795 Hawkeye Visual Sciners
    It is constantly spinning a visual deterrent suitable for roofs, large buildings. Where it is not possible to use an electric sound shšič. But it is a very suitable complement to the ultrasonic plasher of birds.
    Large multi-angle mirrors give a strong flash of reflected light from the sun or even from the moon's full moon. It is the most taught mechanical device in the market from the English bird manufacturer.
    The plant has a variety of birds and their big eyes on the furnished.

  • Water Creepet ScareCrow-808 P015 crying Animal mic


    Protect your pond, pool or yard from birds, cats, dogs and other animals. The movement of the animal starts the water stream. The noise and the water stream of the animal are removed into a safe distance.
    The ideal solution for Creeper: Cats, Volaviek, dogs, piers...
    The device must be permanently connected to a 1/2 "hose that is under constant pressure.
    The water-catcher for the game does not contain a stand to be engaged in the ground, it must be plugged directly into the outlet of the hose from the ground. Or you must purchase the normal trade reduction of "T" 1/2. And the water supply 1/2 "connect from the side.

  • Birds BirdXPeller-PRO794-Multifunctional crying sound + ultrasound


    It is a proven device from the production of USA-BirdX, where there were extensive terrain tests BirdXPeller-PRO794 x 4. The device will significantly reduce or completely limit the contamination of the birds in your area.
    REPELS: Birds, piers, sparrows, cinnamon, gulls, cormorans, sores and many more.
    The most effective product (in the listening zone) against all migratory birds and also pigeon. A consistently functional product is spina in several adjustable times. Digital recording chip ensures the highest playback quality. The product sends natural screams, a cry of fear, a threat and the sounds of predators. Sounds are not regularly alternating and prevents birds from being brought into the guarded area.

  • Laser Lite Solution Against Harassment of Birds and Forest Game


    Laser Lite - Compact solution against bird harassment
    Lite repels birds under light conditions of 20,000 lux or less, which you can compare to cloudy weather. The birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching physical hazard and fly away in search of safer reasons.
    Unlike conventional methods of deterrence, birds will have no effect on habituation. After careful use, the birds perceive the area as dangerous and will not return.

  • Light-ultrasonic Repeller-790-univerzal + remote control


    The light-sonic Repeller-790-universe novelty this year and the fear for animals. Use a motion-sensitive sensor that detects something that runs around the garden and the land around the house or cottage.
    The kunu frequency is selected in the range of 16-19KHz (exactly17,5KHz). It's a frequency that's at a range where you stop hearing it tuning the range approx. center between 5-6.
    If we set the device to me, we will mark the device as set to scare the

  • Knot and kemo mole repellent69-834, tint and scare 9V


    This waterproof module emits seismic oscillations at rapid intervals, which are widely emitted underground and are mostly very unpleasant with moles, rakes and other rodents. The module must be dug near their tunnels, operated by a cable with an operating voltage of 9V. One module will be enough to protect up to 1,000 sq m of garden.
    The scareism must be powered by an external 9V power supply, via the network adapter.
    It is therefore suitable for gardens, where you also have a mains power outlet. The 9V aC adapter must have a 3.5mm JACK end.